Christine McMahon


A 2019 judge for the national Ozzie and Eddie Awards and winner of several Golden Quills, Christine is a long-time published journalist and former editorial director and co-founder of Whirl Magazine.  With 20 years of experience in that venture, she envisioned a global network to unite and support weddings, from those taking the big step, to everyone who come together in of modern times' most significant events.  

By bringing together those in the wedding, honeymoon, engagement, and even babies' celebrations, Christine is confident that couples worldwide will find connections and values in the pages of the magazine, online through unique digital exposures, and in person at events.  An optimist with a love of the outdoors, sports, and adventures, A resident of Pittsburgh, PA who also spends much time in Northern CA, Christine is excited to have the opportunity to present this new network with an amazing team!

Tristen Montesino

Editorial Director

As professional classical ballet dancer with the New Ballet in San Jose, CA, Tristen developed a love for travel, and an appreciation of immersion into different cultures through the arts.  With a love for writing, as well as marketing, she oversees content to ensure that we are presenting exclusive information based on first-hand knowledge.  By working with couples, venues, and vendors, Tristen allows content to remain genuine and authentic.  

Now living in Berlin, Germany, Tristen is working with top-rated venues and in this issues. she travels to Greece!  With an eye for quality, and a spirit of adventure, Tristen will continue to bring excellent ideas for spectacular honeymoons too!

K. Chandler Bast is living in Southern California with a passion for creating art in a new environment.  As an illustrator raised in Fountain Valley, Chandler developed a creative edge for being a leader in design, making him a perfect fit for this new business.  A first-hand experience with working on weddings at a country club led him to understand the need for attention to details, a challenge that excites him to take on this challenge of building a global wedding network.

Despite having attended his first wedding one year ago, Chandler wants to work with couples, vendors, and venues to find the best way to incorporate their best weddings, honeymoons, and engagements, and to present organic and authentic ideas in a compelling way.  With a focus on sustainability of design and a continuation of brand sustainability, the pages of the magazine and the digital exposures reflect a desire to connect the wedding industry.  Having done a long road trip from San Diego, CA to Pittsburgh, PA, and after spending several weeks in Vietnam, Chandler is ready to explore international design concepts!

K. Chandler Bast

Art Director

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